This project started out with fabric instead of starting out with a pattern. A friend at church asked me if I could make her something out of some fabric she had found. I said “sure no problem!” …. showed her some patterns we picked one and then…..ahem.. and then I had to eat my words. lol! Most of the fabric was stretchy knit fabric. I don’t have a Serger and have never tried sewing on knits. I didn’t think that was going to be a good option. I went back and told her I couldn’t use them but I could try with the non knit fabric….she said that would be fine.


I sat down to get it cut out etc. Then….ahem…and then I had to eat my words Again! The pattern we picked required using knit fabric because it was kind a onesie underneath the jumper. Note to self read the pattern directions carefully before saying you can do something!

Sooooo I went back to her and told her that and said I would try.

The project sat on my table for quite a while after that.

1. I was intimated to try it

2. I had to make the lady bug dress for another baby shower.

3. Did I mention I was intimidated to try it??

I needed to make this little dress. So I started the best way to start all projects that are intimidating…I just started it. One step at a time. and then viola it was done! But I did chicken out and realize it just wasn’t going to work to make the onesie. I just made the jumper.


I really like doing the half ricrac trim it is hard to get even (and I don’t always succeed) but I think it looks really cute.

The snail is from Just Peachy Appliqué 

I also wanted to dress it up and try appliqué flowers on the skirt. Think dresses are so cute that have that! The flowers are also from Just peachy appliqué, However I didn’t stitch out the leavers.

2016-04-20 (1)

I added the greeen ric rack “Stem” at the same point I stitched down the fabric for the flower so it would be nice and snuggly fastened at the top. Later I stitched down the length with a zig sag stitch.  The “leaf” was just made by twisting the ric rack back on itself.



The little straps criss cross in the back. The pattern was pretty fun to make actualy. I enjoyed it. PLUS it has the bonus of having no zipper!!



Overall I was pretty happy with this little jumper! It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be 🙂