The dolls have more lights, so work is progressing on the tree. (see previous post) Ellen wasn’t needed to help with anything until they started hanging ornaments. She decided to read them all a Christmas book while they were working.

Christmas is hard work!- an American Girl photostory for Christmas by Stitching with Elli

The story Ellen chose to read was “a Gift from the Lonely Doll” by Dare Wright.

It was a lovely story about a doll named Edith, and her bear friends. Edith wanted to make a Christmas present, so she knitted a Christmas scarf but had a few problems along the way!

Ellen is reading a Christmas story by the tree- A Christmas photostory by Stitching with Elli

“Look!” said Ellen holding up the book to show the others the pictures. “They are decorating a tree too! Their tree is even bigger than ours!!”Elen shows how to decorate a tree- a Christmas story by Stitching with ElliThe dolls were very impressed with the photos. They wanted to know if we could have a BIG real tree next year.


Many people have asked me how I got the idea for my blog. The answer is that mainly it developed from me discovering that I loved posing the dolls and taking photos. Plus, I enjoy writing, and this gives me a way to write. BUT one of the main inspirations for posing the dolls in the “Real World”  instead of with only doll-size objects…is the Lonely doll series. When I was little, the only two from the series we had were the “Gift from the Lonely Doll” and “The Lonely Doll”. I remember pouring over the “Gift from the Lonely Doll” at Christmas time. I loved the photos. I was fascinated the way she made it look like the doll and bears were really interacting and working. I want to be able to pass that fascination on to some little girl out there…..

So… the giveaway this week is the book “A Gift from the Lonely Doll”!! It is a paperback, but I hope it can give great joy to someone as another copy did/does to me 🙂

(Ellen wanted to show you the cover )


To enter…Comment below with who would get the book if you win! The winner will be picked next Tuesday.

My two favorite things about this blog, are when I get to hear that it made someone’s day brighter….and when I hear a little girl is playing with her dolls more and trying to pose them. That makes me smile so big. 🙂  I would have loved to have a blog like this to read when I was young.  I hope to create something little girls love here. There are so many ways to play on a computer that the art of playing without electricity is being lost. Dolls open up the imagination of little girls. It can also “teach” them many things without their realising it. Good play not only is fun, but teaches.  The teacher side of me tries to be very conscious of the fact that everything we read or see affects us and can “teach” us. I try to put a lot of thought into the dialogue of the dolls and what is being “taught” in my stories. I purposely have no “bad” dolls. There is enough badness and grumpiness in the world without adding more of it in our imaginary friends.  I also joke with my friends that the different characters of the dolls are different sides of me…there is a little of me in each of them. Yes, I do have a grumpy side, but that shouldn’t be promoted. 😉  This is a very long- winded way of explaining why I have this blog (besides giving me the fun of making doll clothes 😉 and why it gives me great joy to give away this book. I learned SOOOO much from books when I was young.  So please, if you enjoy this blog, would you please consider telling some little girl you may know about it?  Maybe she will be able to enjoy it. This blog is absolutely for adults, too…but my teacher heart also writes it for little girls. 🙂