It looks like some dolls are getting ready to work in the garden, I wonder what they are going to plant?

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“Josefina, what do we use this yellow pointy thing for? I found it in the gardening drawer and Ellen said I would need it for the bulbs.”

Debbie showed the strange metal tool to Josefina who was sorting the bulbs they were going to plant. They had white gladiolas, pink and yellow ones, and some that were going to be a surprise once they grew.

Josefina and Debbie are going to plant bulbs- see the whole story on

Josefina looked at the tool. “Well, I’m not completely sure…” she said slowly ” but the end looks like there is dirt clinging to it. So I’m going to guess it helps make holes?”

Debbie looked at it. “oh” She seemed slightly deflated. “Well, that is probably a better guess than guessing it is an attack weapon to kill bugs.”

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“Well, you could try to use that way if you see a bug eating the strawberries.” Josefina comforted her. Debbie was excited at the prospect of bug warfare and started looking around for an opponent.  Josefina called her back and said she needed help to decide the order of  color they wanted to plant the bulbs in. Josefina wanted to alternate the white and pink ones. She wasn’t sure what to do with the mixed ones. After all, if a bright orange one popped up in the middle it would mess the whole pattern up! Debbie didn’t think it was that important…all the glads looked pretty, so the order didn’t matter much to her. She wanted to get back to bug hunting!

“There is Ellen! She can tell us for sure what this thing is!” Debbie spied Ellen coming up to check and see if they needed anything.

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“Ellen, is this a garden defense weapon? or a hole digger?’ Debbie blurted out as soon as Ellen came within shouting range.

Ellen looked over her glasses at the tool. “If the garden was under attack I suppose it could be used as a weapon. But the primary purpose is for digging holes for bulbs.”


“Oh” sighed Debbie….planting wasn’t as exciting as bug defense.

Ellen turned back to Josefina. “Do you have any questions about how to plant bulbs? I’m making the rounds to make sure everyone understand their tasks.” The dolls are hard at work planting bulbs!

“What order do we put the different colors in?” Josefina asked.

After a detailed discussion (which involved sketches), Ellen helped them to decide to plant the pink and white alternating and then do a separate “surprise row” of the mixed colors. The surprise row was Debbie’s idea since she said she loved surprises. Ellen thought surprises were over-rated. There was no other option since they were mixed colors and you just couldn’t be sure what they were. 18" dolls are hard at work planting bulbs in the garden.Ellen left to go see who else needed help and Debbie and Josephina set to work.

“Why are they different sizes? Will they make different size flowers?” Debbie asked as she examined the small brown lumps that somehow were going to turn into flowers. -The dolls are planting bulbs

“I think they all make the same size flowers, but the bigger bulbs have a head start in growing.” Josefina answered. ” I’m not really sure. I can’t see what goes on under the dirt. Here, use the digger tool to make holes while I read the directions.”

Josefina read the directions “Make a hole 4 inches deep and space the bulbs 5 inches apart. Make sure the pointy end is up and the root side down…… What roots? I don’t see any roots?”

Debbie was very quiet for all of this.  If Josefina had been paying attention that would have made her suspicious….Debbie was never quiet unless she was thinking hard. Right now she was thinking very hard about if it was possible to see what goes on under the dirt. -The dolls plant bulbs

“hmm?” -The dolls are planting bulbs

“About what you said about not being able to see….”


“Could we dig a tunnel under the flower bed and then put a glass ceiling up so we could see how the plant grows?” -The dolls are gardening

Josefina looked up and blinked…glass ceiling? tunnels? What??

“I think that would be a little complicated.” she answered slowly.

Debbie wrinkled her forehead… ” but, would it be impossible?”

“Lots of things are possible but not practical. For instance, planting something in a glass jar would be easier.” - The dolls plant bulbs

I wonder if Debbie will convince Josefina to help her see under the dirt? 🙂

In the mean time, Ellen was over checking on the work in the rose garden.

“In this pot we need to plant the lavender.” she told Samantha. -The dolls work in the garden

“Where is that? I only have this plant.” Samantha held up a small plant. -The dolls work in the garden

“That is the lavender plant.” Elizabeth called from the other side of the flower bed.


Samantha looked confused….”but…it isn’t lavender.” She said flatly. “It is green. I was excited to see a lavender plant.”


“Oh don’t worry, The blooms are lavender-colored and they smell amazing.” Ellen said as she continued looking at her check list.

Samantha didn’t think that was as fun as an all-lavender plant. Bother.

“Ellen, what are all these other herbs?” Elizabeth asked. -The dolls work in the garden


“Oregano, chives, sage and pineapple sage.” Ellen replied examining her clip board. “They are all herbs that can be planted around the roses. Emily wants a rose and herb garden. Herbs help the roses grow because they keep the bugs off the roses. Plus herbs are healthy for you. Emily wants to experiment with cooking with herbs.” -The dolls work in the garden

“I’m curious to see what the pineapple sage is like. ” Elizabeth mused as she stroked the leaves. -The dolls work in the garden

“Can you help me with the lavender? and then we can plant the herbs?” Samantha asked.

“Sounds like a good plan to me!” Elizabeth replied. -The dolls work in the garden

I think my garden is in good hands 😉 I think they will be very careful and I can’t wait to see how it turns out! -The dolls work in the garden

Have any of you ever planted a rose and herb garden? Anyone had pineapple sage before??