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Big plans for Christmas Eve

"How is the gingerbread house coming? Can I have a candy? You aren't going to use them all are you??" Nellie asked Josefina and Felicity. "NO! You can't have any candy!"Felicity was very emphatic. " If there are any leftovers... Continue Reading →

Christmas Jacket giveaway

Elizabeth is taking the Christmas cards to the mailbox. She is wearing the new Christmas jacket for the giveaway this week! Elizabeth's dress has very puffy sleeves so it doesn't fit as well as it could. In spite of the... Continue Reading →

Fitting the pieces together

"What is this?" Rose asked peaking up over the table edge to see what Alice and Ellen were looking at. "It is a puzzle!" Alice answered. "Have you ever put together a puzzle, Rose? I haven't, but Ellen and I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Carols!

"Lea, we have to practice this whole book! I want to learn ALL the Christmas carols." Debbie told Lea emphatically. "But Debbie, I don't think we have time to do them All! It isn't that easy to learn to play... Continue Reading →

How do you make Cookies with a Press?

Ellen was in a baking mood again. She wanted to make some cookies to send to the soldiers. Samantha said she was willing to help....and the next thing ya know they are both in the kitchen again! (I don't know... Continue Reading →

Sewing for Friends

Bonnie wants to make a Christmas present for her cousin that lives in another state. As with most things, it is hard for one doll to do things by she enlisted Lanie's help. They decided the best thing to... Continue Reading →

Making a Village

"What are you doing, Susan" Maryellen asked. "Ruthie and I are putting up the Christmas village. Do you want to help?" replied Susan. "Yes, please do help!" called Ruthie. "You can help us decide where to put what buildings." "Sounds... Continue Reading →

Winner of the Fall Jacket giveaway!

Time to declare the winner of the Jacket giveaway...but first let me declare the winner of the pie contest. The pie with the most votes and therefore the winner is.......Let me add a disclaimer that there is some issue because... Continue Reading →

A Very Unique Chair…

Bonnie has some cousins that live in the north that we were hoping could come join us on our trip. This morning we got confirmation that they were coming and arriving at 11:30. The dolls were up early because they... Continue Reading →

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