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Last year I posted every day from Thanksgiving till Christmas. It was quite a whirlwind!

Here is a list of all the stories for easy access, just click on the link to read the stories 🙂

Cozy reading by the Fire

Constructing Christmas cards

Christmas drop cookies!!

Up goes the Tree!

A Light Problem

The Lonely Doll-book Giveaway

Lights, Ornaments, Beads!!

Making a Village

Sewing for Friends

How do you make Cookies with a Press?

Christmas Carols!

Fitting the pieces together

Winner of the Gift for the Lonely doll Giveaway book

PepparKakor Cookies!!

Cookies for a Soldier

A Chest of Christmas Memories

Christmas Jacket giveaway

The Christmas Story

A December Afternoon

Wrapping up!

Gingerbread houses- and Jacket winner

Christmas Carolling

Big plans for Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve Play

Hope you Enjoy!!