This blog is to chronicle my sewing and crafting adventures. I have an Ellisimo Gold as my faithful machine and together we make beautiful things. I plan to do lots of giveaways! Originally I was going to have an etsy store but with all the regulations I decided that would be too complicated. Instead, when I get the urge to make something cute and adorable I’ll post it as a giveaway!

When I was little my mother made me awesome gorgeous doll dresses. Now that I can sew myself, I have found great joy in making dresses for my 18″ dolls myself.

Currently I have several American Girls (Josefina, Felicity, Nellie, Samantha, Ruthie, Lanie, Molly, Maryellen, Lea and Elizabeth,  several truly me dolls and …and…okay I don’t actually know how many dolls I have. They never hold still long enough for me to count them 😉  ). I also have  a Gotz doll by Martha Pullen. She has been named Bonnie. Now I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but if I were to have a favorite….it would probably be Bonnie. I just love her sweet little face and she always looks awesome in the pictures! Plus I have a Corolle dolls. Ellen is my little Corolle book worm. 🙂 She is fun to photograph because her expression is so different than the rest of the dolls. Ellen can always be trusted to be logical and the voice of reason.

I have found great joy setting up and photographing them on adventures. Some of my favourite books when I was little was the “Edith the Lonely Doll series” These stories were charming adventures of a doll with her two best friend that were bears. The pictures for these stories were black and white photographs of the doll doing things. Ever since I was little I wanted to do something similar, but I could never think of a story line, etc. Now on my blog I enjoy creating or “documenting” their adventures. My  Favorite story (so far ) was the Birthday  adventure. All the dolls worked so hard to make a beautiful Birthday cake. 🙂

My two favorite things about this blog, are when I get to hear that it made someone’s day brighter….and when I hear a little girl is playing with her dolls more and trying to pose them. That makes me smile so big.🙂  I would have loved to have a blog like this to read when I was young.  I hope to create something little girls love here. There are so many ways to play on a computer that the art of playing without electricity is being lost. Dolls open up the imagination of little girls. It can also “teach” them many things without their realising it. Good play not only is fun, but teaches.  The teacher side of me tries to be very conscious of the fact that everything we read or see affects us and can “teach” us. I try to put a lot of thought into the dialogue of the dolls and what is being “taught” in my stories. I purposely have no “bad” dolls. There is enough badness and grumpiness in the world without adding more of it in our imaginary friends.  I also joke with my friends that the different characters of the dolls are different sides of me…there is a little of me in each of them. Yes, I do have a grumpy side, but that shouldn’t be promoted.😉

So please, if you enjoy this blog, would you please consider telling some little girl you may know about it?  Maybe she will be able to enjoy it. This blog is absolutely for adults, too…but my teacher heart also writes it for little girls.🙂




I do also have an Instagram I’m getting the hang of using 🙂  If you are on instagram please  follow me at “stitchingwithElli”!