Ellen is a Corolle Doll. She is somewhat like a Mary Poppins doll, I do not remember ever purchasing or receiving her. She just showed up when I needed her. I looked under some blankets and things in the doll room one day and there she was! How long she had been there or where she came from I’m not sure. She said she doesn’t remember either and it isn’t that important because she is here now.

Studious, somewhat strict but with a huge heart to help others. Ellen can be depended on in a emergency. She can also be depended on to scold you if you do something wrong or dangerous and to inform you of the worst case scenario that could happen! But if you are in a trouble there is no safer place to turn than to Ellen. In spite of being somewhat socially awkward, you can’t help but love Ellen.

See her many adventures below…

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Ellen helped pick out new designs for a dress in- “Bonnie’s” dress is finished…but there is a problem…

Ellen went to the farm and met the goats in –Day on the Farm- Do dolls like Goats?

She helped read the recipes and helped bake Emily a Birthday Cake

  1. A Birthday Story Part 1
  2. A Birthday Story Part 2

She also helped make applesauce in –Cooking adventure- and Doll apron Giveaway!

She was part of the group that went to a real baseball game! it was terribly exciting to watch her team play –The Dolls go to a Game

She taught the other dolls all about superman in – Super Bad ….or Super Good?

Ellen made strawberry jam with the help of Josefina and Susan- Jammin in the Kitchen

She helped Bridget out of a cooking problem in-Pancakes for Breakfast!

She was very excited to learn about being a park ranger in-A History Lesson

Board game day was very exciting. Ellen loves competition- Board Games Galore!

Michigan trip!

  1. Off to more Adventures…
  2. Arriving in Michigan
  3. An Escape….and a Catastrophe!!
  4. Exploring Fenton Michigan
  5. A Very Unique Chair…
  6. The Cousins arrive!
  7. Fenton’s beautiful parks
  8. Fly away Home

She worked hard to learn how to make pie crusts in-Pie contest!!

Getting ready for Christmas by reading books-Cozy reading by the Fire

Dolls need to eat healthy too!! Ellen started a campaign to eat more healthy with “interesting” results in this two part story-

Ellen had the responsibility of taking care of the other dolls when they hiked in the Texas Hill country- Adventure in the Texas Hill Country

She Also helped get Emily packed when Emily was going to go to New Zealand- An Unexpected Development

Ellen tried her hand at gardening in – A Bed of Roses