Debbie is a fun, loving, bouncy girl. Always read for adventure and enthusiastic about everything. She is a relative newcomer to the group. She joined the dolls right before the big trip to Michigan. Debbie prefers active hobbies, instead of quiet more sedimentary ones. She would rather be running outside instead of reading. She like to know things, but prefers to find out by asking rather than reading herself.

She is an American girl just like me doll #21.

See the list of Debbie’s many adventures below.

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Michigan trip!

  1. Off to more Adventures…
  2. Arriving in Michigan
  3. An Escape….and a Catastrophe!!
  4. Exploring Fenton Michigan
  5. A Very Unique Chair…
  6. The Cousins arrive!
  7. Fenton’s beautiful parks
  8. Fly away Home

Debbie was part of the thanksgiving pie back off. She was on team one (she says to make sure to say they were the BEST team 😉 –From Peels to Perfect Pies-part 1

Christmas is coming and Debbie is excited. She starts off the holiday season with reading!- Cozy reading by the Fire

Debbie Was very interested in Ellen’s healthy food on New year’s eve

Debbie and Bridget got to travel to Australia and New Zealand, the other dolls were a little jealous 😉 See there adventures below!