Bridget likes to cook but it doesn’t always turn out too well. She has been spending time with other dolls that are good cooks and she is learning!! She is willing to try just about anything and likes to learn new things all the time.

See below for her adventures!

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Her first week she tried to make a surprise breakfast for all the dolls- Pancakes for Breakfast!

She went on a trip with Lanie and Josefina to Fort Donelson- Exploring Fort Donelson

And what would a trip be without telling your friends all about it when you get home!- A History Lesson

A day playing board games with friends is fun!- Board Games Galore!

She went with her friends Elizabeth and MaryEllen to explore Waco Texas- A Waco Outing

She also went to a museum in Wharton Texas with lot of fascinating things…elephants…airplanes…and radios to name a few-A Trip into the Past

Bridget was a big help to her team in the Thanksgiving pie bake off-From Peels to Perfect Pies- part 2

Bridget and Debbie were able to travel to Australia and new Zealand, see the stories below!