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Stories of my Dolls, and custom made clothes made on my Ellisimo


March 2016

Saving a catastrophe (it is possible!)

  Recently I saw, on a facebook garage sale group a post of someone looking¬†for a "local person to embroidery that could do embroidery, with reasonable rates". Since I had only given things away before, I thought I could claim... Continue Reading →

Aprons and more aprons! Plus Giveaway!

I have always loved Aprons. Many many aprons have hung on the back of my door thru the years..... currently I think I have about 4 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, pink everyday a few standby ones that are half aprons instead... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of the adventures

Hello All! Less than a year ago I got my marvellous Ellisimo sewing machine. So far it has been a great Joy! However I found that ¬†there is not much information about Ellisimos and all the things that can be... Continue Reading →

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