Bonnie is a sweet red headed Gotz doll. She was made for the Martha Pullen Company. Maybe that is why she enjoys sewing ūüôā Her creative talents also show when she is decorating a cake! She is quiet but always ready to help out, or have fun. See below for the adventures and stories that Bonnie took part in.

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Bonnie helped Josefina sew a dress on a rainy day when there wasn’t anything else to do- Josefina and Bonnie sew a new dress

Bonnie has a new dress! but it doesn’t fit right so they must find a solution to the problem- Bonnie has a new dress…but there is a problem

This might have been Bonnie’s favorite day! She went to a farm and petted some baby goats and jersey calves.- A day on the farm

Bonnie was chief cake decorator ¬†on this two part post about the time they baked and decorated a cake for Emily’s birthday…Part 1¬†and Part 2

Time To Make applesauce! She loves a chance to wear her pretty pink apron- the rest of the story…

Susan  and Samantha enjoyed playing with a new tricycle with Bonnie- A fun day to play!

Rainy days are no fun! or are they? – A Fun day to play…Until….

Bonnie and Josefina’s sewing skills came to the rescue when there was a problem with Elizabeth’s dress- Super Bad…or Super Good?

Bonnie learned about the history of the Battle of Fort Donelson during the Civil war- A History Lesson

A day playing board games with friends is fun!- Board Games Galore!

Bonnie was one of the group that was able to travel and see Michigan. It was a exciting trip…packing…and sightseeing…and meeting new friends! (this was a mini series of posts)-

  1. Off to more Adventures…

2. Arriving in Michigan

3.An Escape….and a Catastrophe!!

4. Exploring Fenton Michigan

5.¬†A Very Unique Chair…

6. The Cousins arrive!

7. Fenton’s beautiful parks


Bonnie is getting ready for Christmas.-Cozy reading by the Fire


Bonnie is sewing again, she is becoming the resident sewing expert!- Fall Giveaway!