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Stories of my Dolls, and custom made clothes made on my Ellisimo



Winner of Fall Apron Giveaway

When we were in the garden this morning, Ruthie reminded me we hadn't posted who the winner of the fall apron giveaway was yet. I was actually going to do it Tuesday....but as you can tell I didn't 😀 I... Continue Reading →

Jammin in the Kitchen

Recently I got some strawberries and needed to make them into jam. The Dolls were very excited about this idea and wanted to help. The other dolls were busy. But Josefina, Susan and Ellen were available to give me a... Continue Reading →

Cooks in training aprons!

Just some quick cute little girl aprons. The "official cupcake tester" design came from Just peachy Appliqué. The "Chef in training" Apron design came from Embroidery Library, The words were done from the fonts on my Ellisimo. I think I... Continue Reading →

Apron for a Newlywed

Recently I had a very dear friend get married. I was giving her some awesome kitchen knives as a wedding gift that I had bought months before so I knew exactly what I would be giving her. Fast forward to... Continue Reading →

Aprons and more aprons! Plus Giveaway!

I have always loved Aprons. Many many aprons have hung on the back of my door thru the years..... currently I think I have about 4 (Thanksgiving, Christmas, pink everyday a few standby ones that are half aprons instead... Continue Reading →

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