Time to declare the winner of the Jacket giveaway…but first let me declare the winner of the pie contest.

The pie with the most votes and therefore the winner is…….Let me add a disclaimer that there is some issue because a few people said “pumpkin” generally but didn’t say which pumpkin pie they liked the best. So they might have just been saying they like pumpkin pie as a flavor without picking a favorite. But being as fair as I can, and trying to decipher to the best of my ability which pie each commentor was selecting… the winner is…..

Alyssa!!! Great job Alyssa, it is a lovely pie 🙂


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of pies. I enjoyed seeing them all. All of them were lovely and I’m sure they were absolutely scrumptious. 🙂

Now  for the Jacket giveaway. The prize…


The winner of the Jacket giveaway is….

“Wait!!! Emily!!! Can you take another picture of me in the jacket before we give it away?” I think it would look good with a hat.”

“It probably would, but Maryellen I don’t have a hat for you.”

“No, Worries!! I found one. Just a minute and I’ll put it on…”


“Just a minute…I can’t seem to get it straight. I was wearing it a second ago…There! doesn’t it look greaaaat!!”


“Well Maryellen, it is a very different look, quite an extraordinary look. 😀 ”

” I knew you would like it, after all it is your hat.”

“Can I post the winner now?”

“Absolutely, who is the winner?”


The winner is…..

pnguin52/ Joyce!!!!!

Congratulations Joyce!! I’ll send you an email and get this jacket sent out to you right away. p.s Maryellen says Congratulations too


Thank you to everyone that participated. I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to subscribe or check back often. I have one more fall post to do tomorrow. After that my ambitious plan is to post every day of December with lots of fun Christmas posts. We shall see how that goes. I currently only have the pictures taken for one Christmas post. Yikes! lol , I better start  sewing and following those dolls around with a camera more!!!