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Doll Stories- Christmas

The Lonely Doll-book Giveaway

The dolls have more lights, so work is progressing on the tree. (see previous post) Ellen wasn't needed to help with anything until they started hanging ornaments. She decided to read them all a Christmas book while they were working.... Continue Reading →

A Light Problem

The dolls are still hard at work decorating the tree. "Watch out! You almost kicked my head! Who is that in there anyway?" said Rose as she had to duck away from a  foot that was a bit too close... Continue Reading →

Up goes the Tree!

Nellie found a very interesting pile of stuff on the floor. There were shiny beads...pretty balls....and BIG pile of green stuff!! "What is all this stuff?" wondered Nellie as she pulled out some beads and tried wearing them. "Someone is... Continue Reading →

Christmas drop cookies!!

Felicity and Bridget have been plotting to make their favorite cookies. The problem is their favorite cookies are chocolate drop cookies...which are easy to make. EXCEPT for dolls! The cookies are cooked on the stove which is dangerous when you... Continue Reading →

Constructing Christmas cards

The dolls have been working on putting up the tree. But they need Emily's help to finish it (little problem of not being tall enough 😉 ) Emily said unfortunately she couldn't help for a day or two. She was... Continue Reading →

Cozy reading by the Fire

It is December!! Officially time to reasonably be thinking about Christmas. It has been cooler at night so we have had a fire. There is nothing like a fire in a fireplace for helping you think deep thoughts. Or even... Continue Reading →

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