Stitching with Elli

Stories of my Dolls, and custom made clothes made on my Ellisimo



How to save Stabilizer while Hooping

How to conserve stabilizer on border designs.

Lady bug dress

This dress reminded me of a  toddler in temperament.......super cute but rascally and trouble! Every time I thought I had it all straighten out, another complication came up. It was made with Simplicity pattern 1471. Mostly I liked the pattern... Continue Reading →

Apron for a Newlywed

Recently I had a very dear friend get married. I was giving her some awesome kitchen knives as a wedding gift that I had bought months before so I knew exactly what I would be giving her. Fast forward to... Continue Reading →

Saving a catastrophe (it is possible!)

  Recently I saw, on a facebook garage sale group a post of someone looking for a "local person to embroidery that could do embroidery, with reasonable rates". Since I had only given things away before, I thought I could claim... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of the adventures

Hello All! Less than a year ago I got my marvellous Ellisimo sewing machine. So far it has been a great Joy! However I found that  there is not much information about Ellisimos and all the things that can be... Continue Reading →

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