When I was little my mother made me so many gorgeous awesome doll dresses! I always loved having fancy dresses I could change out and make up stories to go with. I had never made my own doll dress before. So behold my first doll dress I ever made! It was so fun to go out and find the flowers to coordinate with her dress.


The dress was made from a Daisy kingdom pattern and the embroidery designs were from one of Kathy Harrison’s Awesome collection! She makes the most beautiful delicate designs I have ever seen. Many of her designs show how to make gorgeous delicate doll clothes in the hoop. Her company is Custom Keepsakes.


In hindsight I don’t think I would have made the orange flowers quite as dark…but I was still happy with how it turned out.





Because I was having so much fun photographing Josephine in this outfit….I want to show you some more gorgeous doll dress. I did not make these though!! They were made by my very talent artistic mother…If you like them you can click on the pictures and look at how she described them on her pinterest pin.  She gives more detail about how they were made and what techniques she used.

First this pretty country blue and yellow dress. (click here for link)  The apron was made with a vintage cutwork Tea towel we got from my great grandmother. She cut the apron out around the design to make it the focal point of the apron.


and just for artistic photo funsies….




Then she made her Samantha doll an adorable grey circle outfit with little skunks on the skirt. ……Say whaaatt? …..Skunks?? yes skunks!! and they are super cute 😀 (click here for link)



And Finally a Springy green and pink gingham dress (click here for link)


I love the inset of the pink gingham in the dress…such a pretty and fun way to combine the two colors.


That’s all folks!! hope you enjoyed these pretty little dresses for 18″ dolls. Feel free to comment and let me know which was your favorite!