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Stories of my Dolls, and custom made clothes made on my Ellisimo



Fall Giveaway!

The dolls feel like it has been entirely too long since there has been a giveaway on this blog.  I agree with them, but  just hadn't gotten around to doing anything yet. They told me, "no worries mate!" (I think... Continue Reading →

Resizing tip- going smaller

When making doll and baby clothes I sometimes need designs to be really small. Some digitizers are great about having smaller designs but pretty standard size is the 4x4 or just slightly smaller than that. A 4x4 does NOT fit... Continue Reading →

How to save Stabilizer while Hooping

How to conserve stabilizer on border designs.

Josefina’s Lilac Dress

  This was another project that was sitting in my work area for a long time. I stitched the embroidery on the skirt January 2nd.....and now it is May 20th. Welllll ya know some projects take a little longer :-D... Continue Reading →

The Dolls in the garden

When I was little my mother made me so many gorgeous awesome doll dresses! I always loved having fancy dresses I could change out and make up stories to go with. I had never made my own doll dress before.... Continue Reading →

Baby Jumper with Ric Rack Flowers

This project started out with fabric instead of starting out with a pattern. A friend at church asked me if I could make her something out of some fabric she had found. I said "sure no problem!" .... showed her... Continue Reading →

Cooks in training aprons!

Just some quick cute little girl aprons. The "official cupcake tester" design came from Just peachy Appliqué. The "Chef in training" Apron design came from Embroidery Library, The words were done from the fonts on my Ellisimo. I think I... Continue Reading →

Lady bug dress

This dress reminded me of a  toddler in temperament.......super cute but rascally and trouble! Every time I thought I had it all straighten out, another complication came up. It was made with Simplicity pattern 1471. Mostly I liked the pattern... Continue Reading →

Saving a catastrophe (it is possible!)

  Recently I saw, on a facebook garage sale group a post of someone looking for a "local person to embroidery that could do embroidery, with reasonable rates". Since I had only given things away before, I thought I could claim... Continue Reading →

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