It is a very rainy day….actually it had been a very rainy couple of weeks! Josefina and Bonnie looked very sad as they looked out at the rain.



“When is it going to stop raining?” sighed Josefina.



“I wish I had a boat!” said Bonnie..” I don’t think that is good idea, we would get swept away down stream and end up who knows where!” Josefina replied (Which idea I heartily agree with!)



Since they were so bored looking, I suggested they could help me in my sewing room.

I had some threads out from the last project so I asked them to organize them for me. They loved looking at all the pretty colors in the thread chest! (It is a Madeira thread chest. It is a beautiful and practical edition to a sewing room.)


All done!


“What are you making?” asked Bonnie as she climbed down from the thread drawers.. “A dress for you like Josefina’s” I replied. “Oh wow!!!! can I help?!? said Bonnie. “Me too! Me too! said Josefina.

“Well okay…you can sew the ruffle on while I go eat lunch.

Josefina finished pinning the ruffle on….


Then Bonnie sewed it on.


I don’t think Josefina quite trusted Bonnie’s stitching ability…..she had her seam ripper handy!


“Wait a minute! how did you get up there Bonnie? you aren’t that tall!”

Look what those smart dolls did…they got Elli the Elephant to help!


After that Bonnie got very excited and wanted to try it on…


I hope it will fit her! Josefina said Bonnie was very  wiggly and it was hard to get get a good fit.



Hopefully the rain will go away and we can get better pictures when this dress is finished!. I took over the sewing from them, the dress could get finished sooner…they did a good job! but I do think I’m a bit faster than they are. 😉

oops now what are they doing??


They are playing with the princess dress! I don’t think it quiiiite fits them. 😀 I think we need to get some more comments so this dress can go to some little girl it will fit a bit better 😉 lol feel free to comment on that post, the giveaway is open until I get 25 comments!