The dress for Bonnie is finished! (see the dolls working on it here) But Bonnie is very sad… didn’t fit her. 😦 I don’t know if that has ever happened to you, but when someone is making something for you and then it doesn’t fit and has to go to your sister….well it is a very sad thing to happen.

It worked out though and Bonnie was so sweet to let her new friend have it.


Janette  has just arrived and she needed a new dress. So viola! straight off the machine and ready for her was the grey dress.

Janette heard that when Josefina’s dress was finished that she went berry picking. So Janette wanted to go strawberry picking….but they weren’t quite ripe yet. She will have to come back later for it!


After that we went right to taking pictures of the dress. The waist had fun details…I tried beading for the first time. The ribbon  wasn’t staying down quite right, so I sewed little bead flowers on it.



IMG_1471.JPG The stabiliser was NOT co-operative around the stitching…after I washed it out it got all puckered. I will need to experiment some more to resolve that issue.


All the embroidery designs were from a Kathy Harrison Custom keepsakes disc.  She has so many versatile  skirt border designs I can’t wait to try more.

Josefina wanted a picture with her new friend…


Then they all went into the big sewing closet to help  fit Bonnie for another dress.


Josefina helped pin the skirt in place. Janette was very impressed with Josefina’s sewing skills.



Hopefully this one fits better!!


Apparently word about the new dresses has gotten out….because there were dolls all over the sewing room!!! they were all trying to pick out fabrics and patterns and trims for dresses of their own.



Oh be careful Lanie!! that looks like a very dangerous way to pull out a bolt of fabric!!



Felicity thought she would get the polka dot fabric from a lower shelf because it seemed safer. And Nellie and Ellen were having a serious discussion about which pattern to use and which lace would look best.


Isn’t Ellen cute with her little glasses? she is very studious and helps keep the other girls on track and logical.IMG_1493


We will have to see what new dresses will come out of all this planning!!