“Hello Everybody! Bridget here. I’m in charge and Rose is being my assistant book holder..


I suppose you are wondering why I’m writing this? Well I could say it was because Emily is on a top secret mission, hunting down bad guys in a submarine…..but that wouldn’t be true, so I can’t say that. Besides, if she was, I’m sure I would be with her instead of here.  Actuaaaaallly, Emily has been very busy sewing today.  She told me I could write this post for the giveaway winner. She is making a Christmas dress for Elizabeth, because she didn’t have one. It is so pretty! Green and white with snowflakes…. I did think about telling Emily that  I didn’t have a Christmas dress either. This is blue..but it has flowers instead of something Christmassy. However, I thought I would at least wait until she finished sewing Elizabeth’s before I mentioned it.”

“Before I tell you who the winner is, I’m going to show you some of this book….Help me turn the pages Rose…. Ah! my face!”

“Oops! Sorry Bridget. The page got away from me!”


Bridget: “Oooph! Well, no harm done….As you can see from these pictures, Edith, who is the protagonist…and that means she is the main character… ”


Rose: “Wait, how did you know that word?”

Bridget: “Ellen told me. Now, as I was saying….Edith learns how to knit. This is VERRRRRY important to the story!  See, this is an educational book, because it talks about learning useful things like knitting…..I wonder if I could learn how to knit?

Rose: ” If you do, could you make me a scarf?”

Bridget: ” Yes, of course…It can’t be that hard to make a scarf. But, back to the story…oh umm.. Nevermind, maybe scarves are hard. Looks like Edith had trouble with hers….hmmm”


Bridget: “Well, there you have it folks…a very short overview of this story. Thanks for reading!!”





Rose: But Bridget!!!!! You didn’t tell them who won!!”

Bridget: “Ooops, I knew I was forgetting something. AHEM.  Well, the winner of this book is …..oh, and I also forget to say that Emily was planning to announce another giveaway, but she noticed tonight that she still had to sew a few things on it. So, it isn’t ready quite yet. …..But the winner of this book is LINDA MILLER!! ”

Rose: “YAY!!! I like her! …but then again, I like all the readers…Too bad Emily doesn’t have more books to giveaway.”

Bridget: “Oh Emily has thousands and thousands of books….but she says they aren’t for giveaway. They are to keep and read.  Anyway, I think that is everything I was supposed to say ,so……..Congratulations Linda! ……Thank you Rose for being my assistant book holder…and Thank you to everyone else for reading! Be sure and leave a comment and tell Emily I did a good job! ”