Hello Blog! it has been a while 😀

I’m back in the United States, it was a great trip!

I spent 10 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. I travelled with a group helping in churches and presenting at schools and  in nursing homes etc. It was a lovely summer but I’m so glad to be home now.  I did take two of the girls with me, so in free times they came out to see things 🙂 Bridget and Debbie are after me to post their pictures but I told them they will have to wait a little bit while I catch up on some things (like sleep!) But in the mean time they asked if I could at least post the a picture of us with the kangaroos….so here it is.


Along with one or two of me since pictures of me don’t get included in doll stories very often 😉

with a koala!!

It was just like holding a teddy bear!!!…… except he tried to eat my hair 😀

me in new zealand

Don’t I coordinate nicely?? Two different patterns of black plaid match don’t they? I mean they both have black in them 😉  LOL It was winter there and cold!! I was trying to stay warm  with lots of layers. Warmth won out over fashion 😉

Hopefully I’ll be able to post the doll stories soon!!