“She forgot her toothbrush! Let me just stick it in here….you can’t go on a trip without your toothbrush!” Lea pulled open the backpack and stuffed in the toothbrush.

Lea helps pack the toothbrush into the back pack...must not forget something important like that!



“Lea, Do you have room in there for another sweater? Emily is going to get cold down there…and the suitcase weighs too much already.” Nellie called down from her great height perched atop the large suitcase.


Nellie is helping to pack the suitcase

“Mmm, I think so….” Lea replied “Pass it down. I can put it…”  She was interrupted by Ellen loudly  exclaiming, “Ah HA! I found it!!”


Ellen had been studying the globe for a while. “I found it!” she repeated… “Australia is a long way down there! and New Zealand is close to it. I thought it was closer to Africa at first. That is why I couldn’t find it. But, it is actually closer to being below Asia. ”

“Ooo, Wait for me to get down from here and then show me!” Nellie was eager to see this  place called “Australia”. As she passed down the sweater ,she repeated the question she had asked for the last several hours….. “I still don’t see why we can’t all go with Emily. She is going for two whole months!! She never left us that long before!”


Ellen was too busy examining the size of Australia and New Zealand and looking for interesting things such as mountain ranges or rivers or lakes to answer her. Lea glanced over and saw that an answer was not going to be coming from Ellen for a while, so she answered Nellie’s questions. “For one thing, she will to be too busy to take care of all of us. This is a working trip, not just a vacation. Besides, she has to pack carefully so she doesn’t go over weight limits.”

“What if one of us went on a diet and lost some stuffing?” asked Nellie hopefully.


“It wouldn’t help” ,Ellen replied. She had suddenly realized that she was neglecting her duty to help, and jumped up to help Lea zip up the backpack. “You are still 18” tall…that takes up room in a suitcase.

She consoled Nellie by telling her, “Just think of all the interesting things Emily will have to tell us when she gets back! Emily said I was in charge, so I’ll make sure we have interesting and productive things to do while she is gone as well!”


Nellie sighed.  She was very glad Emily got to go on this trip… But she wasn’t 100% sure about this business of Ellen being in charge. She was okay with not going. It would be fun to go, but it might be more fun to stay here and play with the other girls, rather than staying in a suitcase almost all the time. All things considered , it might be better if she didn’t go. But then again……Ellen might feel the need to make this summer too “productive”. She happened to know “productive” was Ellen’s favorite word lately.

“Have you seen Debbie or Bridget?” Ellen asked the other two. “I haven’t seen them all day and I need Bridget to help with dinner.”

The other two replied no, they hadn’t seen them all day either…..”Mmm, I wonder where those two scamps can be.” Ellen fussed to herself. ……

To Be Continued in two months 😀


Yes Folks, I’m going to Australia and New Zealand for two months! I’m super excited about this! It happened so fast! I had about one week notice for this trip 🙂 I’m leaving tomorrow morning and soooo looking forward to my first overseas trip ever. This is also my first mission trip 🙂 I’m sorry it has been so quiet on the blog lately. The last month or so I have been working on a big project for my business (moving warehouses!). I just finished that and now I have another big project…a trip! Whew! Life moves fast sometimes 🙂 I’m also sorry for not having good  quality pictures in this post. I’m in a bit of a rush to finish packing and odds and ends. 😀

Comment below with any ideas of what the dolls should do while I’m gone, When I get back, I’ll see if they did any of them 😉