I have finally finished the new giveaway…..dress finished check….sunny skies for a taking pictures check! writing the blog post…..well half check because I’m currently doing that Β πŸ˜‰

This dress is just the kind of dress I loved as a dress up as a little girl. So now I’m able to make them myself I’m hoping to make another little girl’s dream come true.


I did try a few new techniques in making this dress. Such as for gathering the waist…I did a zig zag stitch over a heavy thread and used that to gather it rather than basting stitches. It was WAAAY faster that way.

gathering technique.jpg

By the way, I think it is about a million miles around that skirt! lol I had to stitch Β alllll the way around it a bunch of times….to hem it…..and then zigzag over the edge because it was super ravelly Β …..then to sew on the trim I decided to add…. zig zag to gather the skirt….sew to bodice…..zigzag to finish skirt….yeaaaaaahh, I can promise you it is a big fluffy skirt. πŸ˜€


Both the fabrics are metallic and shimmery. The darker color is a burgundy sort of a color with sparkly pink stripes through out it. The burgundy/pink fabric is a little special memory for me, my mother made my first formal for a valentines banquet out of that fabric.

The pink laces have sparkly rhinestones sprinkled all over. ( a few of these came off while I was sewing, so I make no guarantees about the rhinestones longevity)


The wind was not our friend for this photoshoot…but we worked with it.


There is velvet trim at the neck, edges of the overskirt, skirt and sleeves.


I couldn’t decide if it looked better without the veil or without….


I will be including the veil with the dress…it is attached to a hair comb. I got it at goodwill but it is very pretty! has pearls and rhinstones around the edges.


Many Thanks to my little friend for being a patient model for me! She has a gorgeous smile even when the wind wasn’t co-operating πŸ™‚


The dress is a size 8, skirt length from the waist is 32″ and the waist is about 27″ (measured 28 but the gathering bulky so think it more like 27″)


Because this dress was sooo much work, and because I’m hoping to build visits to my blog etc. There will need to be at least 25 comments before this dress gets given away. So Comment and let me know who would get the dress if you win, or you can tell me what you would like to see as the next giveaway!!



Edited to say: A winner has been posted!Β