The winner ( in case anyone is wondering I assigned a number to every comment used a handy dandy “random number generator”)  is….drumm rolll pleeeeease!!!!!!!!


Sherry J.!!!!

Hope your grandaughter enjoys it 😀

So glad this dress is going to be enjoyed now and played with. I can’t wait to make something else for a giveaway! Thank you all for you lovely comments on my posts. You have no idea how excited I get to get comments and encouragement 🙂

Sorry I’m posting this kind of late in the day, but the dolls have been busy all day baking and decorating a cake…trying to keep track of 8 dolls who are messing around with hot ovens mixers and frosting, well it is a little time consuming. So be sure to check back soon to see the next giveaway and to see why those dolls have been baking a cake! 😉