Nellie  has a new friend who recently arrived named Elizabeth.  She wanted to introduce her to the other dolls. The best way to do that is have a party! Now it is summer they had to wait till later in the evening since it is hot during the day ! Nellie and Elizabeth both had new dresses for the party and were so excited to be able to wear them.


Elizabeth was excited but also a little nervous to meet everyone! To help distract her before the rest arrived I asked her if I could take pictures of her dress. She told me the embroidery on the apron and dress were from Thread N scissors. She was so excited about the colors of her dress . Elizabeth said it reminded her of watermelons and summer…. both of which she loves.

A doll's summer evening party. Nellie and Elizabeth have a party!

Embroidered summer dress for a American girl or 18" doll

The detail in the design on the apron took a long time to stitch! 30 minutes for every section!! But Elizabeth says it was worth it, she really likes it. The Apron is from a daisy kingdom pattern (number 9424)  and the dress was from McCall’s pattern (number 9207)

Embroidered doll apron from Stitching with Elli- design from thread n scissors


The other dolls hadn’t arrived yet so we had time to take pictures of Nellie’s dress too. Nellie said she just loved the sash on her dress! I must admit I think the sash came at out super nice!  The sash and the flowers on the sleeves and collar were just the right finishing touch for her dress. Her dress was made from the daisy kingdom 9424 pattern…with the addition of a band on the bottom of the skirt and a sash. I also tacked down the collar so it would look better than standing straight up. The embroidery was from a Custom Keepsakes disc.

A summer dress for Nellie and american girl or any 18" doll

The patchwork fabric is light and cool, I think she will like it this summer. Elizabeth said if Nellie thought her dress reminded her of watermelons then Nellie’s dress reminded her of strawberries and summer.

Summer dress for a 18" doll from Stitching with Elli

“Oooo I think I hear the other dolls coming!” said Nellie. She and Elizabeth raced back to the table to see if they were coming…. “I see Felicity and Ellen!!! They are over the bridge still but they are coming!” cried Nellie. “Helllooooooo!!!” “oh there is Samantha in the back!!”

Doll adventures with Stitching with Elli- Felicity plays with the wagon

” Hellooo—-Ahh Felicity slow down!! that was a big bump I almost fell out!”Ellen squealed.

“Here I’ll help push and keep you in as well” said Samantha. “Thank you!” said Ellen

“Are we ready to go yet” said Felicity

Doll adventures with stitching with Elli- Felicity and Samantha play with the wagon

“All ready!” said the other two. “Chaaaarge!!!” cried Felicity


“Wait a second! umm how about I pull and Samantha can ride now?” asked Ellen. The decided that might be a better idea since Samantha didn’t mind riding when they went fast.

So they switched and soon got to where Nellie and Elizabeth were waiting. Everyone was excited and waving at everybody else.

Summer party! Doll adventures with Stitching will Elli.

“Hello Everyone this is Elizabeth.” Said Nellie cheerfully.

“Elizabeth, this is Ellen. I just know you both are going to be great friends, since you both love books”

IMG_1683.JPG “And this is Samantha… she is the one in the hat….and Felicity! There are some others to meet but they couldn’t come tonight.. they had to practice their music. They have a concert soon” Nellie breathlessly finished introducing everyone.



Everyone replied “Hello Elizabeth” in chorus….

“Hello everybody…would anyone like some water?” asked Elizabeth



I would have stayed around longer, as I believe they were going to play shuffleboard…and maybe croquet and bowling….but I thought they would be more at ease if I wasn’t taking pictures. I mean can you enjoy a party as much if someone is hanging around asking you to smile all the time?

Just one more picture as I go….yes I think Elizabeth will get to be great friend with all of them.


The Dolls came to see me before I finished writing this post and said they had a discussion and wanted me to ask everyone which the favourite dress so far is. They all really like their dresses…but wanted to know what everyone else thinks. (I think they want to pick out fabrics and patterns for some dresses and want ideas). 😀 So let us know in the comments! what is your favourite doll dress so far?

P.s this is the last week I’m going to leave the princess dress giveaway open. I don’t have as many comments as I was hoping. but I would be delighted to get it to some little girl to play with this summer. I’ll be doing the drawing on Tuesday….so get your comments in on that post!