Lanie has a new dress!  Do you want to see?


So pretty with embroidered purple flowers.


The embroidered flowers are from Nivia’s Designs “the Littles small design collection volume. 1” Her designs are hard to find now but the little’s designs are so sweet for doll dresses!


It turns out she got her new dress just in time for a new adventure! guess where they are going? Hint it involves baseball caps 😉

They were invited to a softball game to see their favorite player! Lanie and Nellie could hardly contain themselves. They were so excited! Ellen wasn’t quite as excited because she had her little cousin visiting and felt very responsible for her safety. She had spent a long time studying the possibility of being hit by stray  softballs. Nellie and Lanie assured her that it was safe and she decided to go. After all she did REALLY want to see him play.  They all got their baseball hats and pennants for their team (The pattern for the hats was drafted by my mother and embroidered with an Ellisimo alphabet. The pennants were also made using Ellisimo alphabets) With all their baseball gear on, they were all ready to load up in the truck….

which is not the easiest thing to do.  Dolls are used to living in a big world so they know how to get things done and climb.

Finally Ellen was the last one to climb up…..being the last one up is always hard.


Will she make it?

Lanie and Nellie go to a baseballe game!- doll adventures with stitching with Elli

Oops!! she fell…oh no!


“Are you all right??” the others called anxiously. “ummph, uurrg….I thought you said this wasn’t dangerous!”, said Ellen slightly grumpily as she got up and tried again….which is the only thing to do if you fall down.

“Whoohoo! go Ellen!” cried the others. Cheering her on as she climbed up.


there she goooooes…


Everyone safe and in the truck at last. On to the game!


Little Maggie was little scared of riding in the car…so Ellen found something to read to her to help calm her nerves.

The Dolls think about joining Jamberry- doll adventures with stitching with Elli

Perhaps a Jamberry pamphlet wasn’t the most fascinating thing…but it did the trick Maggie got distracted looking at the pretty nail wraps.

They finally arrived at the game. Nellie was so excited she couldn’t wait. She jumped up on the bleachers, waving her pennant…”GO RAIDERS!!!!” She yelled.

The dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by stitching with Elli


Ellen didn’t think they should be yelling before anyone else was…she didn’t like to attract extra attention.


Nellie and Lanie tried to start a wave…but since there wasn’t very many people there yet it was more like a ripple than a wave.

The dolls go to a baseball game- 18 in. doll adventure by stitching with Elle

But then they all got really excited because they saw their favorite player!

He was the pitcher and he was just warming up.IMG_2000.JPG

“WHOOO YAY” Go double-O Dan!!!!” The dolls were very excited. Lanie tried to stick her fingers in her mouth and whistle but that didn’t work well. She hasn’t quite learned to whistle that way yet.

The Dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by Stitching with Elli

Nellie climbed on the fence to get a closer look.

The Dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by Stitching with Elli IMG_2005.JPG

The game started . The dolls all cheered and yelled for their team.

“Go Raiders!!!!”

The Dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by Stitching with Elli

Nellie heckled the other team at first..but the other dolls told her to shush because it wasn’t nice. Maggie spent half the time tapping Ellen on the shoulder asking her to explain what just happened…because she didn’t know much about softball. I’m not completely sure Ellen did either, she might have made up a few things 😉


They cheered enthusiastically  when their favorite player came up to bat.

Nellie said she couldn’t see very well so Ellen helped boost her up.


They were very impressed with Dan’s pitching skills…He struck several people out and no one got to walk.

The Dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by Stitching with Elli

By the end of the game Lanie was standing on her tiptoes in anticipation of who was going to win.

The Dolls go to a softball game- 18" in. Doll adventures by Stitching with Elli

They said their favorite moment of the whole night was when he came over to the fence to give them all high fives.


They had a great night cheering for their team. When they got home they were all a little hoarse from yelling.

The Dolls go to a baseball game- 18" in. doll adventures by Stitching with Elli


Those dolls certainly have busy lives! What do you think will be their next adventure?

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