As usual for me, I forgot to announce the end date of the last giveaway. Oops! I didn’t actually mean for it to be this long before announcing the winner… life happens. 😀 Recently, part of life that has been happening is planting a rose garden. The dolls were very helpful with that. I’ll post pictures of that adventure shortly.

In this post, I’m going announce the winner, plus pick my favorite post from each month last year. Which should I do first? the winner or the monthly posts?  I think I’ll do the posts first. Ya’ll don’t mind waiting. do you? 😉


… I’m sure the dolls did interesting things in January….but the blog didn’t start until March  and then the dolls didn’t start posting until May. I will have to skip ahead.


Josefina’s Lilac dress

This was the second doll dress I ever made. It is still one of my favorites. This post also started my love of photography and posing the dolls. Josefina enjoyed wearing her new dress to pick blackberries.

Josphina's blackberrying adventure. Custom embroidered dress for a 18" doll. Stitching with Elli design



This month is hard because it is my birthday post and I did two posts about the story of how the dolls made a cake. That was a big project for me and made my birthday more fun 🙂 However, I think I might lean towards  “Bonnie’s” dress is finished…but there is a problem…” post. It was the first introduction of the majority of my dolls. Before then I only had Josefina.



The Dolls go to a Game– The dolls loved going to the baseball game!! Their little baseball caps were just perfect for the event. Ellen’s little cousin Maggie joined them for their fun outing.



Super Bad or Super Good- This was a fun spur of the moment post because an ebay seller  sent me the wrong thing by accident. But the dolls managed to turn it into a good thing! This is also the post were Ellen had to clear up the idea about dolls flying, just in case anyone was wondering about that 😉



Bridget joined us!! She is such an eager little one and so ready to take on new adventures. Things didn’t always go easily for her. She tried making pancakes for the dolls on her first day….depending upon who you asked they either turned out well or not so well. 🙂 Pancakes for Breakfast!



The dolls had a grand time in Fenton, Michigan in October. On their very first day Felicity had a little accident with the lake. Ellen and the others took care of her, though. Felicity really did fall in the water on this photo shoot…which is why the plot twist happened 😀



The dolls made pies for Thanksgiving. They only made two, but a pie goes a long way with little dolls. There were two teams. One team did a lattice top, and the other team did a rose style pie. The kitchen was a busy place in the fall! From Peels to Perfect Pies- part 2

img_3943 Fly Away Home gets an honorable mention because I took pictures in an airport with people staring at me!! That was waaaay out of my comfort zone, but Debbie insisted 😀



How do I pick just one?? There was a post every day…and I liked most of them. There were a few that didn’t quite turn out how I liked. If I must pick just one, I think it would be Lights, Ornaments, Beads!! It was so fun to get ALL the dolls involved in decorating the tree.


But then, I also really liked  A December Afternoon, It’s so hard to decide!!!


Well, there you go. That’s my favorite posts from the past year….Hope you enjoyed them too. 🙂

And the winner of the Calendar

It is ………FLO!!! Congratulations!! Sorry you are getting it in February (wow, I’m slow) but I hope you enjoy it for the rest of the year 🙂