Are you ready to find out who the three winners  of the tote bags are? Or maybe you would rather listen to Lea play the violin? I mean that is a good option, she is a beautiful violinist and who doesn’t love listening to good music?

Lea loves to play her Violin- 18" doll adventures by stitching with Elli

But the music can only distract you for so long so I supposed I will announce the winners 🙂

The winners were chosen by numbering the comments in the order they were posted and then using “Random number generator” to pick the winners. I was going to write all the names down and pick them out of a bowl….but life got a bit busy and random number generator was faster 😀 ( I tried to get Elizabeth to do it but she said she was busy too)

Without further ado…..The winners are!!!!!!! Okay maybe a little more ado…here is a picture of all the tote bags in case you forgot what they looked like 😉


First place- Joan! Her choice was the  “Books and stuff” bag

Second place-  Julie!! She liked the “it is a good day to have a good day” bag ( I just love that little saying “-)

Third place-  lhhouben!!! She preferred the Texas themed bag!

I will be sending you ladies a email so I can get your address and send your bags out to you. Congratulations!!!

Thank to everyone who participated!