The adventure with roller coaster chair ended with the doorbell ringing…

It’s them!!! Help me down!! Bonnie cried very excited indeed.


She rushed towards the door.

“Hello? We’re here!” Said a brunette doll from the doorway.” Bonieeeeeeeeee!!!!  she cried as she rushed towards Bonnie and hugged her. Bonnie in turn was excitedly squealing “Emmaaaaaa” as she hugged her back.

New friends have arrived! The gotz cousins are together again.- a 18" doll story by Stitching with Elli

“That must be Alice in the doorway”, Ellen whispered to Debbie. “Bonnie said Alice was more shy than Emma.”

The new dolls have arrived!!- what do you think they will be like? -a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

The blonde doll seemed more hesitant to enter. She smiled at them but seemed slightly reluctant to leave the safety of the doorway. She shifted nervously on her feet as if not sure if she should come in or leave again.

Alice is peeking around the door anxious to meet her new friends- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

Felicity however was never one to stand on ceremony…so she seized Alice in a warm friendly hug. Alice seemed a little startled and stiff at first. She let out a slightly startled squeak, which was not heard. Emma was louder and  cheerfully calling hellos and “you must be Ellen!!” ….”and you are Debbie??” over Bonnie’s shoulder.

Hugs all round!! The dolls are getting to know new friends- a 18" doll adventure bu stitching with Elli

I think Alice liked the hug. Some people don’t like being hugged. Others do like it, but they are not used to it. They just need friendly huggy type people to give them a big hug sometimes.

Meeting new friends!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

After “hello’s” and “How are you’s”  were exchanged all around…Ellen suggested they all move out to the porch for a late breakfast/early lunch.

Breakfast on the porch overlooking the lake!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

“Such a gorgeous view!!” exclaimed Alice.

Jelly beans and orange juice for breakfast...what a combination!!!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching With Elli

Debbie was a little more fascinated by the view of a bowl of jelly beans right in front of her 😉

“Does anyone want pretzels?” asked Felicity.

“They make great strawberry spears”, said Ellen waving hers around.

Pretzels and strawberry's make great snacks!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

“The strawberries do look delicious!” Emma commented looking at the bowl in front of her.

The wind was blowing Bonnie’s hair in her eyes, but she brushed it out of the way as she offered to push the bowl over to Debbie and Alice.

Yummy strawberries for breakfast!!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

After everyone had something to snack on, the conversation really took off. They took turns telling Alice and Emma about their exciting first day at Grandma’s house when they got outside to go look at the lake.


Alice and Emma told them about their trip and the adventures they had on the way…then the four told Alice and Emma about the park with the ducks and the big bridge…

The dolls chattered away about their trip during breakfast- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

Felicity said Emma really must try the new chair they found right before Emma arrived.


That confused Emma, and she asked what was so remarkable about a chair… so Bonnie explained.

pouring orange juice for breakfast!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

Ellen started being goofy and pretending her strawberry on a pretzel was a microphone and was serenading them.



I think they were all about to make “microphones” and start singing, but I reminded them that they needed to hurry up. We were going to a park when they were done.

The chatter settled down and they all had a glass of orange juice.

Helping out a friend...- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

Soon they were done with their brunch.

breakfast is done!- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

Off to the park we go!! I wonder what adventures we will have….wait and see….. 😀