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A Wendaful Scrapbook Store

Rose has been very curious about scrapbooking since she helped make cards at Christmas. (see story here)  As any good crafter knows  having the right supplies make a project go easier. So I took a few of the dolls to... Continue Reading →

Big plans for Christmas Eve

"How is the gingerbread house coming? Can I have a candy? You aren't going to use them all are you??" Nellie asked Josefina and Felicity. "NO! You can't have any candy!"Felicity was very emphatic. " If there are any leftovers... Continue Reading →

Sewing for Friends

Bonnie wants to make a Christmas present for her cousin that lives in another state. As with most things, it is hard for one doll to do things by she enlisted Lanie's help. They decided the best thing to... Continue Reading →

Fenton’s beautiful parks

After finishing their brunch/snack, the dolls were ready to go to the park. We all loaded up in the car, all 7 of us. It was quite a car load! Good thing dollies can share seat belts. 😉 It was... Continue Reading →

The Cousins arrive!

The adventure with roller coaster chair ended with the doorbell ringing... It's them!!! Help me down!! Bonnie cried very excited indeed. She rushed towards the door. "Hello? We're here!" Said a brunette doll from the doorway." Bonieeeeeeeeee!!!!  she cried as... Continue Reading →

A Very Unique Chair…

Bonnie has some cousins that live in the north that we were hoping could come join us on our trip. This morning we got confirmation that they were coming and arriving at 11:30. The dolls were up early because they... Continue Reading →

Exploring Fenton Michigan

I had been busy doing big people things with Grandma. The dolls had to entertain themselves for a few days.  I don't know all they did, but they mentioned exploring the house. (They said something about a roller coaster in... Continue Reading →

An Escape….and a Catastrophe!!

The dolls awoke early on their first day in Michigan. I did not. They just had to ride in a suitcase ....I had to pull that suitcase plus mine around the airport! They may be little but when there are four of... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Michigan

"We're here! wasn't the airplane  ride fun?" "No, I got queasy feeling, like I was starting to be air sick" "I wish we were able to all have a seat." "Emily said that would be too expensive." "How was your trip... Continue Reading →

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