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American Girl dolls

Big plans for Christmas Eve

"How is the gingerbread house coming? Can I have a candy? You aren't going to use them all are you??" Nellie asked Josefina and Felicity. "NO! You can't have any candy!"Felicity was very emphatic. " If there are any leftovers... Continue Reading →

Christmas Carolling

Debbie has a cold... and as she explained to Rose "This is absolutely the ACHOO.....the...worst time to...ah ah ACHOO...the worst time to have a cold!" They were planning to go carolling tonight...but now Debbie couldn't go...It was so depressing. She... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread houses- and Jacket winner

Felicity and Josefina have found an interesting box. "Can we make it? Can we??" Felicity begged Josefina. Josefina was excited about the idea as well...So they asked me if it was okay to make it. I was very curious to... Continue Reading →

Wrapping up!

"What are we doing with these boxes, Nellie?" Susan asked. "What's the plan, Stan??" Nellie had asked Susan to come help her, but she hadn't specified what she wanted her to do. "Emily left these boxes out. She was going... Continue Reading →

A December Afternoon

It was lazy, but yet busy afternoon. There was nothing too urgent for the dolls to do, but they were finding things to keep them busy. Ellen, Lanie and Lea were working on another puzzle. This was bigger puzzle than... Continue Reading →

A Chest of Christmas Memories

This is my favourite Christmas item...and I have boxes and boxes of Christmas things 😉 This is special. My father made these chests for each of his children and grandchildren. Each has the owner's name and a unique Christmas themed... Continue Reading →

Cookies for a Soldier

Part of the reason the dolls have been baking so many cookies (see here...and here... and here) was because they wanted to send some cookies to Emily's brother. He is in the military and is currently serving in Afghanistan. None... Continue Reading →

PepparKakor Cookies!!

(I know, there have been a lot of cookie posts....but there are a lot of cookies around Christmas time!!! 😀 ) There are dolls in the kitchen again!....this time it is Nellie and Josefina. Josefina promised to help Nellie do... Continue Reading →

Winner of the Gift for the Lonely doll Giveaway book

"Hello Everybody! Bridget here. I'm in charge and Rose is being my assistant book holder.. I suppose you are wondering why I'm writing this? Well I could say it was because Emily is on a top secret mission, hunting down... Continue Reading →

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