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Winner of Fall Apron Giveaway

When we were in the garden this morning, Ruthie reminded me we hadn't posted who the winner of the fall apron giveaway was yet. I was actually going to do it Tuesday....but as you can tell I didn't 😀 I... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread houses- and Jacket winner

Felicity and Josefina have found an interesting box. "Can we make it? Can we??" Felicity begged Josefina. Josefina was excited about the idea as well...So they asked me if it was okay to make it. I was very curious to... Continue Reading →

PepparKakor Cookies!!

(I know, there have been a lot of cookie posts....but there are a lot of cookies around Christmas time!!! 😀 ) There are dolls in the kitchen again!....this time it is Nellie and Josefina. Josefina promised to help Nellie do... Continue Reading →

How do you make Cookies with a Press?

Ellen was in a baking mood again. She wanted to make some cookies to send to the soldiers. Samantha said she was willing to help....and the next thing ya know they are both in the kitchen again! (I don't know... Continue Reading →

Christmas drop cookies!!

Felicity and Bridget have been plotting to make their favorite cookies. The problem is their favorite cookies are chocolate drop cookies...which are easy to make. EXCEPT for dolls! The cookies are cooked on the stove which is dangerous when you... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving baking is underway!

Maryellen  and Felicity are working together in the kitchen. I asked what they were making and they said it was peanut butter cookies. "But just wait until  you taste the pies we are going to make!!" Felicity told me very... Continue Reading →

Pancakes for Breakfast!

It was still early morning...all the dolls were sleeping. But Bridget is awake now.... Bridget was the newest doll in the group. She had just arrived a few days earlier. Why do you suppose she is getting up so early?... Continue Reading →

Jammin in the Kitchen

Recently I got some strawberries and needed to make them into jam. The Dolls were very excited about this idea and wanted to help. The other dolls were busy. But Josefina, Susan and Ellen were available to give me a... Continue Reading →

Cooking adventure- and Doll apron Giveaway!

Look what I found when I got up this morning...those dolls had gotten a head start on the day's tasks.... Can you guess what they are making?  Hope it isn't soup, they might spoil it since there are so many... Continue Reading →

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