On the Road for new adventures- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

“We’re here! wasn’t the airplane  ride fun?”

“No, I got queasy feeling, like I was starting to be air sick”

“I wish we were able to all have a seat.”

“Emily said that would be too expensive.”

“How was your trip Ellen?”

“Ooooh look there is a red tree!! but I don’t see any snow yet Ellen, I think we are safe.” (Debbie was peering out the window)

“I waved at a TSA agents at the security gate…his name tag said Jack. I just wanted to say, Hi!”

“You didn’t?!?! It’s a wonder we didn’t get arrested! I pretended to be asleep so I wouldn’t do anything suspicious by accident.”

“They don’t arrest dolls!”

“They do if they do something bad!”


This was the chatter that was going on in the back seat as we drove from the airport to Grandma’s house.  The dolls had originally thought they would all be getting a seat on the air plane. When I explained that seats on the air plane cost several hundred each…..they realised that wasn’t possible. They all climbed into the carry on suitcase  and rode to MI that way- everyone except Ellen.

There simply wasn’t room for all of them in the carry on. They were a little nervous to go in checked baggage. Someone had heard that checked baggage could get lost. Ellen nobly volunteered to take the risk. I think she was a little nervous herself. However, she said she was the oldest. She didn’t want any of the others getting lost and not be able to make home.

When they arrived at Grandma’s house. They told me to just take some time to talk to grandma. They would get the suitcase downstairs and settle in. I thought was very sweet of them.

They did have a struggle getting the suitcase up on the bed.

Suitcases are hard for Dolls to manage!- a 18" doll adventure

“Can you push any more from that end?” asked Debbie as she and Ellen tugged on the handle from their end.

Heave Ho! lift that suitcase up on the bed!- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

“What do you think Bonnie?” Felicity asked.

“I think it is going to squish us if we get it off the ground! What happens when Debbie and Ellen get it high enough that we can’t reach it but it is not quite on the bed yet?”

“Oh that is a good point”  replied Debbie. “umm, well….”

Debbie is trying to solve a problem of how to get the suitcase on the bed!- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

“How about using it like a ladder? Suggested Bonnie. “We can unzip the sides and pull out our things we need. and then climb up the suitcase like a ladder to get on the bed.”  This idea was greeted with much approval. It was easier and there was a lot less chance of being squished. Both attributes were highly desirable.

Bonnie and Felicity passed up the nightgowns then climbed up themselves.

Traveling is hard work!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

“oooph! watch my head!”giggled Felicity.

A friend always lends a head to a friend in need- a 18" doll adventure with Stitching with Elli

“Sorry!” said Bonnie, but that was said with a giggle that couldn’t quite be hidden. “I just needed something to push off from.”

Team work can accomplish a lot of things- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

“You’re such a pal to help her …get a head!” Debbie could barely get the last part out without howling with laughter.

“oh oh…how about…You stand a head above her other friends” added Ellen.

I think they were a bit silly tired. Those comments sent them off in gales of laughter. Bonnie was sort of hanging in the middle, halfway up the suitcase, but was laughing too hard to go any higher.

They finally settled down. Everyone climbed up on the bed, changed in to their PJs, and got under the covers.

As with any sleep over, some were more ready to sleep then others.


Debbie was simply fascinated at how Ellen looked without glasses. She didn’t want to be rude, she just kept looking when she thought Ellen wouldn’t notice. Ellen probably couldn’t have seen her without her glasses anyway.

All ready for bed!- a 18" doll adventure by stitching with Elli

Bonnie was half asleep already…but Debbie was bouncy and wanted to have fun.

She decided to entertain the others with her impersonation of an airport security guard.

“I didn’t see any guard with big eyes like that.” said Ellen as she squinted at Debbie. Trying to figure out how Debbie managed to get eyes that look like flies” But there was a dog that sniffed the suitcase” she continued.

The other dolls were very curious about the dog. They sat around and compared travel experiences. Ellen apparently had had a much more bouncy trip. The suitcase was thrown around a lot. She said it was okay though. She just imagined it was a roller coaster.

Eventually they all settled down and went to sleep.


“Ellen?”, Bonnie whispered.


“Mmm” replied Ellen.

“What do you think we will see tomorrow?” asked Bonnie.

“A snow storm” murmured Ellen.

“But I didn’t see any snow when we came from the airport!” said Bonnie “It wasn’t even that cold!”

“That is why it is probably going to snow tomorrow. Snow must be coming.” Ellen  mumbled as she turned over and went to sleep.

Bonnie wasn’t sure that made sense but she decided Ellen was too sleepy to have a logical conversation. She decided to go to sleep as well and just wait and see what would happen tomorrow.

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