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“What if we……No that wouldn’t work…Umm… ….Well we could, No that wouldn’t work either.” Debbie stared at the problem in front of her, perplexed. She and Bridget were trying to use their new Christmas present.

Debbie is having fun playing outside- By Stitching with Elli

“What if we got some ice and hit it with a hammer really hard? Than it would be in little pieces like snow? Would that work?” Bridget suggested hopefully. img_5632

“The problem with that….or one of the problems anyway….is I don’t think we are strong enough to smash ice cubes with a hammer,” Debbie replied thoughtfully. “Maybe if we put it under the wheels of Emily’s truck and she ran it over for us?”

Sleds don't work well if you don't have snow!- by Stitching with Elli

They discussed it for a while and then decided it would take too much ice anyway. They tried pushing the sled around on the pine needles, but it didn’t slide very easily.

Bridget shook her head sadly, “Sleds just don’t work well without snow.”

Sleds don't work well if you don't have snow!- by Stitching with Elli

They played around with it for a while and eventually gave up.

Debbie said she was going to start a petition to request Emily to take them to Iceland….she had heard they had snow there.  Bridget wasn’t sure about that idea. She was more interested in eating at the moment. She was hungry! They went inside to eat lunch.

Bridget was making a peanut butter sandwich…Debbie thought peanut butter looked icky. She politely declined Bridget’s offer to share. Instead, she said she would go see what the other dolls were having for lunch. The first friends she found were Bonnie and Elizabeth….and she promptly forgot all about lunch!

“What are you looking at?” She asked climbing up next to them.

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli

“A calendar Emily made using photos of us!” Bonnie explained.

“It just arrived, and she said we could look at it,” Elizabeth  told her.

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli

“OOOO how exciting! Look at you on the cover, Bonnie!! You are soo pretty! Did we all get in it?” Debbie was intrigued.

“I’m not sure, but since there are 12 months in the year and more than 12 of us…… maybe not,” Elizabeth replied.

“That is my favourite dress.” Bonnie said wistfully staring at it. “It is too cold to wear now but the first time I wore it we were visiting a farm. We got to see goats!!” (See Bonnie’s farm adventure here)

Debbie said she was jealous, because it was before her time. She had  never seen a goat in real life.

They turned a few more pages and found Elizabeth!

“Oops, my hair wasn’t quite right in that picture,” Elizabeth said as she peered closely at the photo.

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli

“When was the picture taken?” Debbie asked her. “I love the dress!”

“That was my first time  to meet the rest of the dolls. We had an evening party outside. Samantha pushed me around in a wagon and scared me the first day.” Elizabeth laughed at the memory.”

“Nellie had a new dress that day, too,” Bonnie remembered. (See the day here)

Debbie was anxious to know if she had made it into the calendar…she kept turning pages. She paused at a picture of Josefina with the flowers. “What is she doing here?”

“That was back when Josefina lived here by herself. She planted a garden with the help of a neighbour doll.” Bonnie told her. (See the story here)

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli


“Not even Ellen was here??” Debbie asked surprised. She thought Ellen had been around forever.

“Ellen was somewhere around, but Emily didn’t know that. I don’t know when Ellen arrived exactly. Emily just found her in the doll room one day. Josefina was here first. She has been with Emily for a loooooooong time.” Elizabeth explained.

Debbie was still turning pages…..”There is Lea with her violin!”

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli

“Oh, look at that! Did you know February 9th is National Pizza day?” Elizabeth was surprised. The others didn’t know, but they thought that sounded like a great day.


Debbie was getting worried. She wasn’t in any of the pictures….then at last December!!

“IT IS ME!!!!!!!” Debbie was so excited she spread her arms wide and was jumping up and down.

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli“OW!” Bonnie exclaimed…Debbie had smacked her in the forehead in her excitement.

“Oh, sorry! Sorry! I didn’t mean too!” Debbie was very apologetic.

Looking back over the year- by Stitching with Elli

After profusely apologising to Bonnie, she asked if she could take the calendar to show it to Bridget. Elizabeth and Bonnie laughed at her eagerness and said it was alright. They were done looking at it. “Just make sure she doesn’t get peanut butter on it!!”  Elizabeth cautioned, laughing.


I think it is safe to say that the dolls are excited about their calendar 😀  I was able to get two calendars, so I will be giving one away! There were two pictures that didn’t look quite as nice as I wanted. However, I was very happy with how the calendar turned out. I did add a few fun/funny “national days” that I thought would be fun to have on a calendar. It should help make the year exciting! If you would like to get this calendar, just comment below! Just for funsies- let me know which doll is your favorite….if you were to have a favorite that is 😀

I will be putting together a list of the best post from every month last year. If you have a favorite let me know which post you like the best! I hope everyone likes the new blog format. I’m hoping it will be easier to navigate and and find past stories.