Time to go home! We had evening flight that turned into a late night flight because of delays.

Sitting in a  crowded suitcase for 2 hours before we even got on the plane did not sound appealing! Debbie and Felicity climbed out of the suitcase. They said it was to make more room for the others, but I think they were feeling adventurous. Ellen followed to help keep an eye on things.

Chatting in the arport while waiting for their plane- a 18" doll adventure by Stitching with Elli

Debbie and Felicity were chattering away about their favourite parts of the trip.

“When you fell in the water it was scary at first but it was funny afterwards when we knew you were okay.” giggled Debbie.

“Susan is going to tease me for falling in like that.” replied Felicity laughing.

Ellen wasn’t joining in the conversation. She was too busy watching for “suspicious characters or unwatched luggage”. Every time she started to relax and enjoy just waiting…the loudspeaker would go off again warning people to watch for “suspicious activity”. That made her jumpy so she kept peering over her glasses staring at people. This caused quite a few people to stare back at her. No doubt they considered her rather suspicious and unusual. 😉

The waiting area of the airport can be fun!- a 18" doll photostory with american girls by Stitching with Elli

After she had tapped Felicity on the shoulder and pointed out someone asking if it was suspicious that their purse was too bulgy….The other two decided she was entirely too suspicious. To help soothe her nerves they suggested playing a game of ” I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring a….”

Ellen loved word games so this calmed her down considerably. The game ended in a tie between Felicity and Ellen. They “took on their trip an …Audiobook, a Beaver,a Camera,  a Dinner plate, an Emu, a Fly swatter, a Gown, a Hedgehog (after this Ellen and Felicity told Debbie she couldn’t take any more animals on the trip!!!!),   Icicles, Jellybeans,  Knitting needles, a Lipstick, a Motivated attitude, a Net, Opera glasses, Pickles!!, Quaint Quail, a Regal Ring, a Silly Song,  a Towel, a Ugly umbrella,  Violin (for the silly song I’m sure 😉 ) washcloth, X-ray machine (because you never know when you might break a bone), Yellow yak (if I found a yellow yak I would want to bring him too!!) and finally a zither!

After that Ellen was calmed down and enjoying herself. The dolls in the suitcase wanted to play the word game too.  Felicity and Debbie were bored with it, so Ellen decided to climb back in the suitcase.

Debbie and Felicity took advantage of  Ellen being gone by walking around to look out the windows.


They didn’t want to wander too far in case they missed the flight by accident. Before too long they came back and settled down next to me again. I gave Debbie my ticket to hold while I went to check on the status of our delayed flight.

Debbie has her ticket! all ready to fly home- a 18" doll photostory by stitching with Elli

Debbie started thinking about what  important things tickets were. She wondered what would happen if she “lost” the ticket. Would that mean we could stay in Michigan?

She had enjoyed Michigan and would miss it. Then she decided that was a terrible thing to even think about!! It wouldn’t be a good thing at all if Emily and the rest got stuck in MI. What would the dolls at home do??

Just then our flight was called. The dolls all got back in the suitcase and I went thru the normal hassle of boarding and getting the carry on luggage stowed.

But… as the flight attendant walked by for the last time before take off I heard a “Psssst!!!” I looked down and saw…..


“Debbie!!! what are you doing there???”

“I climbed in your bag instead of the suitcase. Can I come out if I’m very quiet?”

“Well there isn’t anyone in my row…so, yes I think you will be safe.”

She climbed up on my seat and looked out the window very excited to see the take off process.IMG_20160928_202329444.jpg

“Ooooo are those the engines?? They are so big!” she exclaimed. She kept crooking her neck around and smashing her nose against the glass, trying to see everything she could out of the tiny window.

Getting ready for takeoff!!- a 18" doll story by stitching with Elli

“oh Yay!! We are moving!!! she squealed excitedly.

“Sit down Debbie! We are getting ready for takeoff. You have to put your seat belt on.” I scolded, “You promised to stay quiet.”

Debbie quickly put her seat belt on.


But then she decided that it might be “safer” to sit in my lap. I think she was actually frightened of the loud roar of the engines but didn’t want to admit it.

She held her breath while we were taking off but then relaxed.

After we were safely in the air,we decided it would be fun to track our flight on the southwest app….


Then we just sat and stared out the window and ooed and awwed over all the lights that were visible from the air. So many twinkles and lights to see!


Debbie wanted to know what town we were flying over..Unfortunately, I didn’t have an answer for her. Every time I thought it must be a certain town, there were even more lights further on that might be that town. But it was a beautiful sight to watch!


In flight selfie!!! (which Debbie wasn’t paying attention for…she kept looking out of the window and asking questions instead of looking at the camera.)

IMG_20160928_203724175.jpgSoon we were coming into Chicago for our connecting flight…. a vast sparkling twinkling sea of lights!!!!


Personally, I strongly dislike descents in airplanes for much the same reasons I dislike elevators. I don’t like that dropping sensation. This particular descent was one of the roughest I’ve experienced. Apparently Debbie didn’t like it either because I suddenly noticed a little hand grabbing my thumb.


(pretty thumb nail compliments  of Jamberry nail wraps)

In spite of the turbulence, we landed safely.  On the next leg of our flight, every seat was full.  Debbie didn’t want the boy next to us staring at her like she was strange, so she  went back under the seat to hid and whisper to the other dolls what it looked like when the airplane was flying.

The next few hours were long but uneventful. The problem came when we landed. one of my suitcases was lost!!  I’m very glad the girls weren’t in that suitcase!! They would have been so scared to be trapped in a dark suitcase somewhere. Ellen was right, it can be dangerous to travel in a checked bag! But the suitcase was found and delivered the next day. In spite of the late night and all the delays, we arrived home safely. I’m sure the girls will be very busy telling the dolls that stayed home all about the trip. I’m also sure it won’t be long before all of them are off on new adventures. 😉